The Complete Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

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Marjane Satrapi a young girl who lived during the revolution in Iran gives us a glimpse of her life in a comic. The Iranian Revolution of 1978-1979 is also called as the Islamic revolution.There are many things that one can compare the encyclopedia and historic information from what I have read from The Complete Persepolis. As well as the things that differ from the information and from the book. In 1978 it marked the beginning of many political and religious disturbance in Iran. The Iranian Revolution has a history of chaos in order to put power in the hands of the people. The 1953 coup was to overthrow of the elected prime minister of Iran Mohammad Mosaddegh. Mohammad Mosaddegh almost succeeded in deposing the shah incensed Iran's intellectuals. …show more content…

Marjane parents often attended political protest and they supported the revolutionaries when they had a chance. Her uncle Anoosh fled to the U.S.S.R because the Iranian authority believed t he was a spy. Later she got close to her uncle and he was executed and she was very devastated. Marjane at a young age wanted to fix community inequalities and make the world a better place so the elder would not suffer. Although it is hard for her to do that because the bombs falling on Tehran and killing her friends and family. Marjane parents both choose that Iran was not the place for their daughter. She was headstrong, outspoken, and independent. However, the behavior she has got her expelled so her mom and dad was afraid something worse would happen. They shipped Marjane to Vienna where she ended up in a boarding house that was run by some nuns. Overall, the Persepolis has different things from the encyclopedia and the crash course video. The book is about her life and what happened during her life while the Iranian revolution. The encyclopedia and the crash course video talk more about what happened during the time for

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