Modernism In Persepolis

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At the times of the Iranian Revolution, those who deviated from the norm were perceived to be very controversial. Due to the different ideologies of social groups, conflicts and disputes arise among them. In Marjane Satrapi’s, Persepolis, the Iran Revolution triggers the controversy of morals and beliefs between the modernist and the government. The modernist are perceived as rebellious and westernized. During the time of the Iran Revolution, modernists are being presented as a rebellious group. The modernist attend demonstrations to showcase their rebellious attitude towards the government. The group chants ‘“guns may shoot and knives may carve, but we won’t wear you silly scarves’” (76). During the revolution it is obligatory for women to …show more content…

Modernist are instantly identified through the style of dressing. Marjane illustrates that “in no time, the way people dressed became and ideological sign. There were two kinds of women… there were also two sorts of men” (75). Marjane clearly showcases the differences between a female and male fundamentalist and modernist. Similar to Marjane and her mother, a modernist woman is perceived as an opposition to the regime if a few strands of her hair are falling from her veil. If a modernist women is seen without a veil she is an immediate target of rape. A male modernist is perceived as a man with his shirt tucked in and against the Islamic ruling of no shaving. In addition, modernists believe they are oppressed by religious behaviour. Marjane states that “the Arabs never liked the Persians… they attacked [us] 1400 years ago. They forced religious on us” (81). Similar to Marjane’s family, most modernists are secular. However the fundamentalist feel obligated to conform to Iran religious ideologies. Marjane is very furious with this deecre as shown through her facial expressions. She shows confidence in her beliefs that oppose to those of the Shah. To add on, Marjane is instantly judged for her forbidden apparel by the Guardians of the Revolution. The group of women question “why are you wearing those “punk” shoes… aren’t you ashamed to wear tight jeans like these…we’re taking you down to the

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