Soft Revolution By Alana Valentine: Play Analysis

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The experience of transitioning from one world to another can be prevented due to obstacles that can possibly be challenging which may result in the growth of an individual. One may encounter barriers that can prevent successful transition, thus having an effect on their perception and the perception of others. The remarkable play ‘Shafana & Aunt Sarrinah: Soft revolution’ -2010 by Alana Valentine portrays the experience of venturing into a new religious world as both protagonists exhibit their juxtaposing perspectives on devotion towards religion as the cultural significance of the hijab becomes a barrier between generations. This provides the audience with an insight into Muslim women’s world, exploring their own identities in regards to …show more content…

The use of both flashback and flash-forward events serves as a stimulus for the transition of Shafana and her Aunt. This is highlighted through the use of the ID card photograph in the opening scenes which is symbolic of Aunt Sarrinah’s initial experiences in a unfamiliar world and desire to begin a new successful life, thus, depicting her new identity in Australia “it will say on my ID card and until it does I am... nobody”, this demonstrates her attempt to adapt in a new society; meanwhile the onomatopoetic verbs “spluttering and stuttering” emphasise the language barrier and how it shapes social perceptions of Aunt Sarrinah’s background which prevents her successful attempt to adapt to a new world, as factory life does not fit with her values and educational background. The repetitive use of the jars throughout the play serves to symbolize the cultural preservation, this motif provides a synthesis of her two worlds, through food, while the use of the monologue and imitation of Nigella, “surrounded by jars of preserved food... she goes into a Nigella Lawson impersonation” emphasises her cultural background. This serves as an invariable obstacle throughout her journey, and symbolises her attempt of transitioning and adaptation of a new Australian identity, therefore, providing the audience with an insight into the character’s old world. Valentine portrays the barriers encounter by individuals’ while transitioning into new phases of life which may result in a change of perspectives and a deepened understanding of

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