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  • Democracy In Pakistan

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    Ghulam Muhammad trampled the parliamentary norm under his feet when it was a time to develop democratic traditions. The democratic roots in Pakistan were hampered at the embryonic stage. Ghulam Muhammad dismissed Khawaja Nazim u Din dissolve the first constituent assembly and appointed Muhammad Ali Bogra as Prime Minister. Appointment of Muhammad Ali Bogra was against the norms of parliamentary government as he was neither the leader of the Majority party nor was he an elected represented. Acceptance

  • Dramatization In Pakistan

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    media in the past history has assumed a noteworthy part in delivering numerous extraordinary Pakistani dramatizations that enlivened eras. Pakistan TV began the pattern of making excellent shows with the help of scholarly essayists, intense heading, and multitalented on-screen characters. In the beginning of 90's, there was one and only station known as Pakistan television(ptv) that broadcasted numerous prominent shows like 'dhoop kinaray', 'ankahi', 'tanhayan', 'dhuan', . The entire thought was to

  • Essay On Terrorism In Pakistan

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    concern in the relationship with Pakistan has been repeatedly raised with Pakistan, including at the highest level, where by India has consistently urged Pakistan to fulfill its repeated assurance given to us not to allow the territory under its control to be used for supporting terrorism directed against us or for any other anti- Indian activity. In past couple of decades, the issue of terrorism has assumed greater significance in defining relations between India and Pakistan. Various terrorist attacks

  • Importance Of Extremism In Pakistan

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    factors being the involvement of Pakistan in international and the national politics game. Extremism is the expression of thoughts of individual and the groups are not able to express their own will in the society through social mechanism. The people, who are not able to exert their force in decision making process, go for aggressive means of expressing their opinion. As a result we see disorder in the society. This situation

  • Essay On Sectarianism In Pakistan

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    war in Pakistan and its implications for the social fabric of the country. International Crisis Group’s Asia Report 2005 is also helpful in understanding the links between sectarianism and the trends of radicalization in Pakistan.In a Research Journal of South Asian Studies, “Evolution of Sectarianism in Pakistan: A Threat to the State and Society” Muhammad Nadeem Shah” asserted that the sectarian situation became worsen when Haq Nawaz Jhangvi created Sipah-e-SahabaPakistan(SSP) in 1985 and demanded

  • Political System In Pakistan

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    local government system in 1947. The design of the structure, influence and, more importantly, if it was so important to the evolution of the Democratic People's political and military governments since the effects of alternating pattern having ruled Pakistan for almost half. Sometimes enhance sometimes threatened the sustainability of the local government. Generally, has been replaced by non-participatory structures in the era of local democracy and civil

  • Importance Of Forest In Pakistan

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    Internship report Chapter # 01 Forests in Pakistan I. Introduction of forests “A forest is a large area dominated by trees. Hundreds of more precise definitions of forest are used throughout the world, incorporating factors such as tree density, tree height, land use, legal standing and ecological function. According to the widely used Food and Agriculture Organization definition, forests covered four billion

  • Environmental Diversity In Pakistan

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    About 1.75 million species have been identified on earth, though estimates range from 3 to 100 million (CBD 1992). While considering the Global Biodiversity Index (UNEP-WCMC 2002), our country Pakistan is located in such a position, where there is medium level of species richness. The species diversity of Pakistan includes: about, 5,500 to 6,000 species of vascular plants (Nasir & Ali 1979) and around 3,000 indigenous crop varieties. The faunal diversity includes; 174 mammals (BAP 2000),

  • Essay On Federalism In Pakistan

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    percent of Pakistan’s population, and were spread all over the federation. Religious conflicts were not vanish and many more challenges emerged. The distribution of power central and the unit was the most important issue between the Bangladesh and Pakistan controversy. The first and the worst conflict was between Sunni and Shias. The Shia are mostly exist in northern areas. It was the most worst violent conflict between this two sects. And this conflict was because of external influence like Saudi

  • Pakistan Constitution Analysis

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    INTRODUCTION:- Pakistan is the first nation in the world, whose creation was based on the religious motives. It was because of this reason that the popular and famous slogan of “Pakistan ka Mat lab Kiya?? La illa ha illallah” was the main basis of the establishment, it had no Islamic constitution of its own, so according to the independence Act of 1947, the government of India Act 1935, with certain amendments was adopted by Pakistan. However a, new constitution was to be framed for the country

  • Pakistan Military History

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    Topic Name: History of Military Coup in Pakistan INTRODUCTION The military is both an institution of the state and a powerful interest group. Pakistan is a point of turbulent civil-military relations. In the 68 years since Pakistan became an independent state, the military has overthrown democratic governments three times. On each occasion, the act was motivated by violation of law of the institutional interests of the military, and supported by sections of the elites, whose interests had also

  • Causes Of Militancy In Pakistan

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    Militancy poses a potent threat to Pakistan. Today, the country stands exposed to an enemy who is within; highly dangerous, utterly insane and hell bent on destroying us. The deadliest attack on the students and teachers of Army Public school last month further underlined the magnitude of the challenge. The country’s leadership both, military and political is seriously working on an effective counter militancy strategy to rid the nation of the menace. In this backdrop, education is the best course

  • Causes Of Overpopulation In Pakistan

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    century and Pakistan is facing many current affairs such as overpopulation. Over population turned out be the most important problem that Pakistan currently faces. rural urban migration , Provincialism are a few more examples of from the list of problems Pakistan is facing. OVER POPULATION: Pakistan’s population has been rising with a steady speed over the years and has become the 6th most populated country in the world. There are a wide range of reasons for overpopulation. Mainly pakistans have a conception

  • Social Discrimination In Pakistan

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    period began after the independence of 1947 from Great Britain that resulted the formation of Pakistan. Due to Luce-Celler Act of 1946, immigration of people from Pakistan remained low till 1965. (Batalova, 2008, Migration Policy. para 1-Historical Background). In the second phase, after the removal of Luce-Celler Act and the 1965 amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act, immigration from Pakistan notably increased. Because these amendments eliminated the quota system and assigned 20% permanent

  • Mass Media In Pakistan

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    A multi-ethnic and class-divided culture is imitated in the Pakistani media landscape. A vivacious media landscape exists in Pakistan Since 2002. , the Pakistani media has become prevailing and autonomous. Mass media constitutes the backbone and plays a powerful role to in the information technology of a country. Media has a strong contribution providing information and bearing the responsibility of making people think about an issue. Other than television and radio, media structure includes a

  • Foreign Policy In Pakistan Essay

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    THREAT FROM INDIAN DIPLOMATIC OFFENSIVE AND MEDIA BLITZ TO PAKISTAN Background 1. The foreign policy of a country reflects the behaviour pattern of a nation based on its collective wisdom in dealing with other nations. It can neither be based permanently on the wishful thinking of an individual nor on the idealism of a group. The national goals more or less remain consistent, although they may be inharmonious internally with the men and group in power from time to time. A multitude of factors contributes

  • Media In Pakistan Case Study

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    For journalists, Pakistan is the most horrible place because of the critical security and safety problems. These problems exist more commonly in FATA and NWFP which are the tribal areas of Pakistan. The journalists have to face target killings and other propagandas. There are prohibited areas for journalists and they have to escape all the time form the conflicting parties in order to save their lives. Therefore in these areas the media information is limited as many restrictions have been put on

  • How To Survive In Pakistan Essay

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    How To Survive In The Pakistan The Pakistan is a good country. My father is from Pakistan and my relatives are living in Pakistan. However, the culture is completely different from Japan and it is hard to live in Pakistan. You need some information about Pakistan and you have to forget the common sense of Japan. The first thing you must know is language. The national language of Pakistan is called “Urdu”. Some people are able to speak English, but most of them can’t speak English. So you better know

  • Ways To Survive In Pakistan Essay

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    How To Survive In The Pakistan The Pakistan is a good country. My father is from Pakistan and my relatives are living in Pakistan. However, the culture is completely different from Japan and it is hard to live in Pakistan. You need some information about Pakistan and you have to forget the common sense of Japan. The first thing you must know is the language. The national language of Pakistan is called “Urdu”. Some people are able to speak English, but most of them can’t speak English. So you better

  • Land Features Of Pakistan Essay

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    Ch#5 Landscapes of Pakistan LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students will be able to:  Describe the major land features of Pakistan  Describe characteristics of mountains, plains and plateaus of Pakistan  Locate major mountain ranges of Pakistan on a map Land features of Pakistan Introduction The country has a generally hot and dry climate, with desert conditions prevailing throughout much of the area. Along the western border and in a section of the north are semiarid steppe lands and deserts; a subtropical