Symbolism In Persepolis

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magine being in love with someone and then having that stripped away only because of social class. From the lovers point of view, all it is, is seamless love, but the government sees disrespect among the social class system. This is one of the many ways Marjane Satrapi demonstrates a perspective in not only social class, nationalism, but in the loss of innocence as well Iranian war in the 1980s. For instance, Marjane 's perspective changes from when she was a naive respectful little girl at the beginning of the novel, to an unruly, rebellious young adult towards the end. For example, this young boy is drinking alcohol, you aren’t even allowed to drink alcohol until you are 21 years of age. Marjane does not use this exact example, but she …show more content…

Get out of my life!!! I never want to see you again.”(70). Equally important to the theme of loss of innocence, nationalism also plays a big part in Persepolis. This picture shows a nationalist, this is relevant to the novel Persepolis because nationalism played a big part in Marjane 's family household, despite most of Marjane’s friends fleeing Iran due to all of the bombings and terror attacks, Marjane and her family stayed because they were Iranian nationalist. Marjane 's parents loved their country, and they went to many demonstrations and protest to make it a better place, they played such a big part in the Iranian protest that, “Her photo was published in all the European newspapers.”(5). Another key factor contributing to the nationalism in Marjane 's family is that, her great grandfather was an Iranian emperor along with her grandfather who, “..was a prince.”(22). Since there were royal blood in Marjane 's family, this persuaded her family into being nationalist. There were two sides to this. Many fled families fled Iran and others like Marjane 's family decided to stay in Iran. This is another way Satrapi integrates perspective with a given theme.In like manner, theme discussed throughout Persepolis is the role and influence of Iran 's social class system. The picture shows the different levels of social class which play a big role in the book Persepolis. Marjane best displayed social class when her maid fell in love with their family 's neighbor. The text says, “You must

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