Descriptive Use Of Images In Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

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When we were little our parents used to read books to us, and when we read for the first time, we read picture books. Now, you likely read books with little to no pictures, However they still can add a lot to a story such as more details and descriptiveness. That is exactly what Marjane Satrapi did while making Persepolis. During the story of Persepolis, Marjane 's use of images helps to convey her loss of innocence, the events of the revolution, and the Muslim religion. Revolution comes in many types, from changing who is the head of the house, to a Coup d 'état. This picture represents the area in between the extremes, it shows a revolution similar to the one in Persepolis. In the novel Persepolis, the revolution is being shown as attempting to overthrow the Shah, and later the Islamic Regime. These events are amplified by the added images and drawings. One example of this is when Marjane describes the revolution in her country as a bicycle. The image is of a cluttered mess of people who have been thrown onto the bike, no one is steering, and no one is pedaling. The caption on this picture is ̈And so went the revolution in my country ̈ (Satrapi, 10). This suggests that the revolution is a mess in her country and …show more content…

While the words are much more powerful in this scenario the fact that there is nothing helps to add the extra bit of depth and emotion to the story and it shows us how Marjane feels, empty. Through the way the visualization of Marjane losing her innocence is one of the more powerful parts of the story as it helps to show her growing up.Overall, The story of Persepolis is good on its own, but the pictures make superb. Marjane Satrapi does this by making them convey so much more than what words could have expressed. This applies to everything in the book, but particularly helps in showing the Islamic religion, the revolution and Marjane 's loss of

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