Persepolis Literary Devices

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To what extent is literary devices used as an instrument to show social, racial, and class differences in Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi? The novelist, Marjane Satrapi, wrote, Persepolis, as a graphic novel to display other countries the progression of the Iranian Revolution through a bildungsroman perspective. The author uses literary devices several times as it narrates the sentiment of Marjane Satrapi as well as civilization in Iran. Marjane Satrapi segregates the western culture to the eastern culture by restating the Iranian Revolution into a graphic novel. The author’s panache affects how the audience interprets the scenario tremendously; Marjane Satrapi ensures this by using imagery. The purpose of this paper is to apprise the roles of …show more content…

Furthermore, the dissimilarities of government the western industry has from the eastern as the audience sees the political conflict among humanity and the theocratic government over independence. Marjane Satrapi compares Iran’s system of government as a bicycle; for instance, the bicyclist symbolizes the government that makes jurisdiction for the wheels which represents the public. This is diverse from eastern nations such as the United States of America that is governed in a democratic government. The spectators in the United States would have an unalike reaction than individuals in Iran. Another different aspect is the sexual characteristics roles in Iran; in Marjane Satrapi’s standpoint the audience perceives the transition mainly on women as it takes the reader into her outlook. The audience is presented with a black and white illustration which indicates sorrow or unhappiness. The main character is introduced to a political transformation as her female classmates are required to wear a veil which segregates the children by gender. The veil or hijab symbolizes the community and political variations that reformed the protagonist’s forthcoming. The student writer comprehends major vagaries to females however,

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