Persepolis Coming Of Age Analysis

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Persepolis: The coming of age Persepolis was created by Marjane Satrapi to explain the details of her life. She had many events that occurred over time throughout the younger years of her life which she wrote in the form of a graphic novel. One of the most important things that took place in her life was her experience and how it helped her to grow faster mentally. Many events contributed to her mental growth as most of them she describes come from the war.Out of the many contributions one has a larger explanation. How does the symbolism in Persepolis lead to Marjane Satrapi 's coming of age? One of the most important symbols throughout Persepolis was the veil because it largely symbolizes Marjane satrapi 's coming of age. It symbolizes this because as a year old child she gets it the first time she doesn 't understand why so she plays with it. As a child many of the schoolchildren play games and don 't take it seriously. It was just given to her by the teacher in 1980. At that time under the new rule it became an obligation for girls to wear them to school. The veil wasn 't introduced to them at this time and separated both genders. Marjane didn 't like this and it seemed unfair to her that all of her friends now had to become separated. However this was only the very beginning of the events to come. There were many conflicting views regarding the veil that caused heavier tensions to be created. (“Everywhere in the streets there were demonstrations for and

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