Loss Of Innocence In Marjane's Persepolis

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Innocence is one of the most characteristic attributes of young children. When this is taken away from a child in quick succession, this is called loss of innocence. At the beginning of Persepolis, Marjane is a young child, easily impressionable, and innocent. However, as the book continues, she idolizes her ambition to become a rebellious child. The events happening at the time were also heightening her loss of innocence, with wars and difficult situations being plentiful. With this in mind, It is obvious that Marjane’s Satrapi’s innocence is lost due to imperialism from Great Britain and the United States, nationalism from Marjane and her support for the resistance, and social class situations in Iran during the 1980s revolution. This photo …show more content…

Her loss of innocence is also contributed to by the government, with them killing Uncle Anoosh, which is a cause of nationalism by the Islamic State to kill the communists. Nationalism also negatively affects Marjane because of the Guardians of the Revolution. They relentlessly torment her, in an attempt to remove the Western influence from her. In summary, nationalism completely and utterly destroys Marjane’s childhood innocence, and is one of the major reasons why Marjane is the way she is today.In essence, this picture conveys social class through showing different styles of hats. Each a portrayal of a certain level of wealth, the bowler hat being upper class, and each level to the left of the hat recedes in class. So, this means that each social class can afford different levels of hats, and it turn represents their wealth. This is shown in Persepolis affecting Marjane’s perspective because of Marjane’s father’s wealth, which she feels guilty about because of the poor and suffering in Iran. This is shown in Persepolis, when Marjane was upset about her upper class standing, “Because our maid didn’t eat with us. Because my father had a Cadillac,” (Satrapi 6). This manifests the fashion in which Marjane’s social status affected her

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