William Golding Lord Of The Flies Mood Analysis Essay

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Every human has a somber attitude hidden inside oneself that is exposed only in certain situations. The novel Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, is an excellent example of the evils that escape one in dangerous matters as it occurs to it’s characters. With Goldings rigorous tale of a group of stranded young boys and their suffering on an uncharted island, he creates an intensely frightening mood for his readers, which allows his tone to be portrayed. William Golding provides a clear description of his cynical and apathetic tone, using Imagery, Language, and Syntax. Golding uses Imagery on setting, objects, locations, and environments to interact with the readers senses, which creates a fearful mood, allowing an apathetic and cynical tone. Golding uses phrases such as , “..with the sting of another spear in her flank...the sharp, cross-cut points were a torment...forcing a spear still deeper...drops of vivid blood...the sow staggered her way ahead of them, bleeding and mad...the terrified squealing became a high-pitched scream...the hot blood spouted over his hands…” (Golding 135). Here the reader is allowed auditory senses of the pigs screams, touch of the spear, and visuals of the blood. Golding provides details and Imagery to describe the state of the sow to form a dreadful mood for the reader which allows the reader to depict the tone of the author which…show more content…
He expresses imagery to create sensory details for a better understanding of the setting and feeling of the characters. He uses Figurative Language to relate details to one the reader would find easier to picture. Golding finally, uses Syntax to allow reader to better understand how the text should be interpreted and read. With his brilliant use of detail, Golding creates a lasting impact on his readers from his cheerless, cynical
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