What Is The Mood Of The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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In his short story,“The Veldt”, Ray Bradbury uses imagery, tone, repetition, and symbolism to illustrate the children’s destructive thoughts. Bradbury uses imagery and tone to encourage the reader to make connections; enforcing the plotline and exciting the text. His descriptive imagery transports readers to his elaborate settings. Other readers may believe that similes and metaphors provide more for the story. However, imagery, tone, repetition and symbolism appear more frequently and suggest a stronger message hidden deep within the story. The author also combines repetition and symbolism to help the reader develop a better understanding of the story. In “The Veldt”, Ray Bradbury uses symbolism, repetition, imagery, and tone to illustrate …show more content…

His descriptive words play with the reader’s senses and transport them to his dramatic setting, the African Veldt. “And here were the lions now, fifteen feet away, so real, so feverishly and startlingly real that you could feel the prickling fur on your hand, and your mouth was stuffed with the dusty upholstery smell of their heated pelts” (Bradbury 2). This example of imagery engages the reader’s senses, which makes them more open to the events that will come later in the plot. The author also incorporates tone into his text. For example, a deathly tone is used to detail the feeling of the automated “Happylife” house when it was shut off. “The house was full of dead bodies, it seemed. It felt like a mechanical cemetery. So silent. None of the humming hidden energy of machines waiting to function at the tap of a button” (Bradbury 9). At this point in the tale, readers are aware that the house has done so much for the family living in it that, when shut off, the house feels dead. To express this, Bradbury uses a depressed tone when referring to the house’s machinery. To encourage readers to make connections and to enforce the plot, Bradbury relies on imagery and

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