Stolen Girl Analysis

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Picture book review:
Stolen girl
August 2015

‘Stolen girl’ written by Trina Saffioti and illustrated by Norma MacDonald, is a touching, emotionally stirring picture book about the tourment a young aboriginal girl experiences when she was taken away from her mother, by the Australian government. The story takes place in a children’s home and is told with the use of small bursts of detailed paragraphs and intense, colourful and melancholy illustrations. Written for 8-10 year olds, the purpose of the book represents the experiences of children who were a part of the stolen generation in the 1900s-1970s. In this time period it was government policy in Australia that each indigenous Australian child was to be removed from their families as the …show more content…

The illustration on the front cover is repeated in this section when she is coming up with her big plan of action, this illustration was used in the front cover as it has a huge sense of curiosty, mystery and hope. The end of the book leaves the readers in shock but gives hope for the girl to return home again. The illustrations in this section become more vibrant towards the end of the book as she is beginning to have hope that there is a way out of this misery she is in.

Overall, Stolen girl is an amazing, confronting book that will leave readers speechless. It is based on a true story, and it gives the readers a clear idea of what life was like for indigeneous Australians, in the time of the stolen generation. It also gives kids an appreciation for their own family and freedom. I strongly recommend this book for teachers to share with their students as it is educational, moving, and heart warming, and hopefully this will encourage the next generation to treat people equaly no matter where they are from or what they look

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