The Valley Of Girls Analysis

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Love tends to effect each character’s action differently. For example, love is what motivated the plot of the story “The Valley of Girls” by Kelly Link. For instance, the Olds observed society and performed actions to make sure their children are aligned with success. Love and social status is what makes these people relate, or correlate with each other; it reminds me of a government politically develop by love and society. In “The Valley of Girls” by Kelly Link, from Teenagers and Old are motivated by two specific motives, which are love and social status. Love in the story is like the energy in a kid, it drives the story and the characters in the story insane. For example, in the story love is what drove Hero into dying and will end killing Tara at the end, “Why should you go on living when she and I are dead? When no one remembers our names?” …show more content…

The life of a Teenager of this society tends to be kept and shown to be over protected by the Olds. Honestly, I’ve notice from people around me who parents are strict while being wily about everything they should not be exploiting. On the other hand, the Teenagers are being safeguarded because the story states “The Olds like to say its because we are children” (Link 674), that statement shows Teenagers somewhat despises hard they are looked down on, but they do not understand that the Olds just care and love hard, when it comes to their children. In addition, the Teenagers are viewed in the society as being irresponsible; They show this with the incidents and recreations everyone be involved in; For example, “Plus, the Olds got mad about one of the chairs […] The unicorn broke the back to kindling” (Link 670), This had happened because the Teenagers had through one of their negligent functions, that would at the end cause society to question the children or teenager

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