Their Eyes Were Watching God And The Great Gatsby Comparison

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Love is a mystery for many people, everyone has their views on what love should be and it is way more than just a definition in a dictionary. Love takes patience and time and not just forcing to find it. In the story, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurstone, the main character Janie Crawford is raised by her grandmother who forces her to marry an older wealthy man. Janie 's realizes that isn’t what true love is and runs off with another man called Jodie. After many years she realizes that marriage didn’t work out either, after Jodies dies she meets a man called TeaCake who she falls for and runs away with. A bad storm hits them one day and a dog with rabies bites Teacake. He didn’t know the dog had rabies and ends up crazy and almost shot Janie but she did before he could. In the other story, The Great …show more content…

Nick and Gatsby become close friends and learns that he loves his Daisy. Throughout the story Nick learns more and more secrets about these characters until the truth came out. Once the truth came out about Daisy and Gatsby’s love, in the heat of the moment, Daisy runs over Tom’s mistress Myrtle, and not long after Gatsby dies too. In both stories the main characters search for their true love by sacrificing a part of themselves and conquering trouble. The characters lose a part of themselves when they are searching for their true love. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie was arguing with Jodie, while he was dying, about how he never treated her right after being together for 20 years. They revealed many things about themselves during this talk, especially how Jodie was hurt on the inside too. Janie looked at herself and realized this, “The young girl was gone, but handsome woman had taken her place”(108). This quote shows how Janie regained herself after that horrible relationship. Before she wanted to be free and to do things she wanted to do but she couldn’t because Jodie wouldn 't let her. This quote connects to the thesis and topic

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