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Every people have their own love, this is what all of people have heard or read since they are born. This story, Their Eyes Were Watching God written by Zora Neal Hurston, involved many secret meanings on itself. Among those many meanings, the Janie’s progress of taking true love is the clearest thing. Author divides the progress as a chronological order as the Janie’s husband has changed. Not only author express end of love, but also does she uses literature device during a chapter, living with a husband. The Janie cannot desire love for marriage because of her grandmother’s obtrusion. The grandmother force that the love is not an essential thing for love, “‘[you] come head wid yo’ mouf full uh foolishness on uh busy day. Heah you got uh prop…show more content…
When Nunkie tries to lure Tea Cake with playful acts, and Tea Cake does not fend her off as promptly as Janie wanted him to, Janie feels “[a] little seed of fear was growing into a tree” (136). In other words, Janie starts to feel and develop bigger and growing jealousy and fear of losing Tea Cake because of Nunkie. The metaphor illustrates how Janie feels about such situation with visual matters, seed and tree; seed and tree symbolize the progress and growth. Also, in other perspective, readers can recognize Janie’s true emotion, the love, towards Tea Cake by relating to how Janie feels about losing someone, which she never felt during earlier chapters when she lost two husbands. Summing up the contents, the metaphor used for highlighting that Janie has a bigger love for Tea Cake than she did for any other and jealousy about Nunkie’s action. The main theme of Their Eyes Were Watching God is not love. The love would be just a tool to lead the story smoothly. However, this story is expressing many important thing through the Janie’s progress of love. And the author uses many thing such as metaphor and contrast to show
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