Their Eyes Were Watching God Conflict Essay

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In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie a girl who develops into a woman during her problematic life; with love and the people around her. Illustrates that the struggle through obstacles and conflicts in life, shapes you to be who you are.
A conflict that Janie experienced that helped her shape who she is, was when Nanny speaks to Janie about marriage, and how Janie should marry Logan Killicks even though she isn’t interested. Nanny informs Janie begs Nanny “Ah ain’t gointuh do it no mo’, Nanny. Please don’t make me marry Logan Killicks.” (Hurston 15) Janie didn’t want to even get married in the first place but her grandma really wants her to because she just wants the best for Janie, not the best in love but, …show more content…

Before she was going to get married and move in with Logan she told herself “Yes, she would love Logan after they were married.” (Hurston 21). Leading to, Janie and Logan getting married. Janie made herself believe that once you’re married you and your partner will be mutually in-love. As they were married, Janie waited to see if she has fallen in love with Logan, then she realized after all that time, this was false. When Nanny convinced Janie to marry Logan, their marriage went downhill; forcing herself to be in love with him. Once, she realized what she told herself wasn’t true; it showed she …show more content…

This one and that one came into her house with covered plates of broth and other sick-room dishes without taking the least notice of her as Joe’s wife.” (Hurston 83) The images of Janie being the mayor’s wife fades away, because of how she treated Jody, and how he won’t even let his own wife see him. As time goes on, Janie marries a guy named Tea-Cake, usually “Janie stayed home and made food but then Tea Cake asked her to come with him to work and work by his side then “the very next morning Janie got ready to pick beans along with Tea Cake.” (Hurston 133) People started talking because “It was generally assumed that she thought herself too good to work like the the rest of the women.” (Hurston 133). Since, Janie stayed home and cooked unlike most women in the Everglades. People generally assumed that she was a higher class than

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