Janie's Theme Of Individuality In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie is a main character whose outward existence conforms, and her inward life questions. This tension helps to evolve the author’s theme of the importance of individuality and how individuality creates happiness. Janie experiences most of her life in trying to conform, and grows to despise it. Once free, she becomes herself and becomes happy. Early in the novel, Janie marries Logan Killicks. Janie does this for her Nanna, not herself. The idea of a perfect marriage, often represented by a pear tree, grows in Janie’s heart and mind. Her marriage to Logan kills this dream. “My first dream was dead, so I became a woman.” This is the first major sacrifice Janie makes. The dream of love was killed. In …show more content…

Similarly the man overcame the woman in the relationship. Janie chose to conform to the outward marriage and new relationship. She became, in essence, a trophy wife. Janie followed the will of her husband, and not until years later questioned their relationship. As the story progresses, the internal strife between how Janie acts and how Janie feels shows the lack of the true Janie. The voiceless, beautiful, store keeper pales in comparison to the smart, talented identity Janie’s thoughts demonstrate her to be. After twenty years of a growing tension, Janie’s thick rope snaps and she tells Jody how she feels Which ultimately kills him. Once again, Janie conforms to the mold of a mourning widow, dressed in black. Contrary to most people 's knowledge, she is overjoyed in the new found freedom she now possesses, but still cannot express. The idea of having to conform outwardly hurt Janie. She had no desire to hide herself, but did for the hope of a happy marriage. It wasn’t until after Jody’s death that Janie let out her hair which Jody commander her to do. Janie’s hair was an important symbol of her true, individual self. The act of letting her hair down shows how Janie managed to break free from the bands of conformity and stand, on her own, as her true

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