The Great Gatsby Love Analysis

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In the book The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald portrays and image of love versus infatuation. The relationships between the characters shows the struggle of an emotional connection in a world driven by societal pressures and money. Gatsby’s and Daisy’s relationship with each other is intertwined with each other’s love and lust, and is complicated with their other relationships, such as Daisy’s and Tom’s marriage. Gatsby is the “fool” in love throughout this whole endeavor and his week with Daisy, because of his constant search for love to fill the void in his life that no amount of success can. Gatsby’s complete infatuation with Daisy started out with them meeting five years back, and surfaced into a love affair. In the present time, Daisy is moved on and married, with a child in a beautiful grand home. Her relationship with Tom can be speculated to be based on her wanting to gain his finances or that he can support her like no one else can. Daisy portrays an idealistic vision of herself, and , throughout the story, shows a selfish and narcissistic persona at times. Daisy and Gatsby …show more content…

Once you deeply analyze the characters relationships you come the realization that love is barely present. Each relationship appears to contain love for the wrong reasons. They portray love as money and riches. The women in the book find a man based on his money and how he can provide for her. They fail to search for a man they have an actual emotional connection with, because of this the men feel like the only way to find “love” is becoming rich and flaunting it for everyone to see.. Nick is the only one who begins to experience true love towards Gatsby. As their bond grew so did his respect and admiration. He was intrigued by his journey from his poor past to his current extravagant lifestyle. As a whole, the majority of the characters in the book do not know or understand the true meaning of

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