Examples Of Greed In The Great Gatsby

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The great Gatsby is a series of lies, drama, and death and shows that not everyone is who they seem to be and how love and lust can blind you from what really matters and the relationships you build.Cheating is prevalent throughout the novel The Great Gatsby, and shows that when people disregard the consequences of their momentary actions; their future becomes more difficult. The main character of our novel Gatsby is deemed successful in the “eye’s” of the public. See the reason why he is seen this way is because no one know Gatsby, and realistically he is a cheater. Gatsby is a bootlegger which means he sold alcohol illegally, if most of the public knew this fact he would not be seen as a successful man and a model citizen he would been seen as a cheat. …show more content…

Gatsby and Daisy has a past history of love, Gatsby never stopped loving her but Daisy stopped loving him. When Gatsby come back home Daisy’s old emotions come back keep in mind that she knows Tom is cheating on her only fuels the love she has for Gatsby. By cheating she uses the something that hurts her and turns it into something that makes her happy. Daisy also cheats because Gatsby makes her feel appreciated when her husband Tom hasn’t made her feel that way. Tom shows thought the book he doesn't have and regard for object or living things Tom uses Daisy as a trophy rather than his wife. Like Gatsby Tom’s past affects his current characteristics a views this is shown by his actions because Tom is new money and was given everything to him his whole life he doesn't appreciate the little things and that’s the reason why he doesn't appreciate daisy. When Daisy has a lunch with Gatsby he knocks over a wood clock and instead of leaving it on the ground and letting his maid pick it up, he does and tries to fix it this goes a long way with Daisy because it shows Gatsby cars for the littlest

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