A Bridge To Wiseman's Cove Analysis

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A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove

The novel ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ by the author, James Maloney, is a story about the protagonist named Carl Matt, who faces many issues and tribulations as a teenager. The protagonist is left with the responsibility of his younger brother, while also managing insecurities of his own, regarding body image, love, and neglect. Maloney demonstrates the following themes, by using his protagonist as the victim of some of the modern issues facing today’s society.

Throughout the novel, Maloney explores the ongoing issue of body image. Carl feels insecure about his own body and the way he looks. This influences his self-confidence, and has made him afraid of what others might think of his image. Maloney explores the …show more content…

This common issue of body image is expressed in the following quote: “He wore a t-shirt as a paltry use against public humiliation” Maloney has used a metaphor to imply that Carl is worried that people will judge the way he is shaped. The author has expressed that Carl is very self-conscious about his body, while feeling embarrassed and ashamed of his reflection. The ongoing concern of body image negatively impacts many teenagers, increasing their discomfort and self-awareness. Since this issue has converted into a huge deal, teenagers are struggling to fit in with other people, and are excessively preoccupied with their image. Maloney’s use of figurative language to portray Carl’s experiences, illuminates the issue of body image facing teenagers today.

As the story progresses, love is expressed in the novel. The author uses character perspectives to express the theme of love. Love is a common topic played in society. The many types of love include, love for an object or thing, family love, and the love for the …show more content…

Neglect is a destructive matter occurring in today’s society. Neglect can be defined as when someone is or feels unloved or abandoned. Maloney demonstrates this theme in the novel as a concern considered by the protagonist, Carl. Carl Matt is a victim of this deplorable predicament. In the book, he feels unwanted in many situations, mainly with his mother, Kerry, who has abandoned him numerous times. His mother, Kerry, one of the major issues of Carl’s life, deserted her family every so and then to leave for countless vacations, her children never understood the reason why. Although, this time when Carl’s mother left, she never came back, Carl would wonder if she ever loved him, this had brought up the matter of ‘neglect’. This problem of renunciation is shown in the quote:”...I’m angry. All the time it was that one fear. That she didn’t love me.” when Carl had finally spoke out. The author uses emotive language to express the issue of neglect conveying Carl’s feelings towards the absence of his mother to convey the extent of Carl’s experience of desertion and thereby highlights the issue of neglect. This creates a negative impact on teenagers in today’s current society, by stimulating of feelings of fear and isolation. Abandonment is a serious issue that is striving to be avoided by the current generation. Maloney demonstrates

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