Finding True Love In Judy Troy's The Order Of Things

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Love can be delightful, wonderful and pleasing. A true, long-lasting love can make even the most troubled, sorrowful, and unfortunate person in the world feel the luckiest. When this feeling is mutual, it is like fitting two puzzle pieces together. However, one’s love is not necessarily destined for another person only; you may fall in love all over again when you are already in a relationship. Should you then follow the aphorism “Carpe Diem”, and pursue your new-found feelings, or feel ashamed and step down. This could possibly be affected by the intensity of the love you are feeling. The dilemma of finding new love, when you already swore to love another person, is seen in Judy Troy’s, “The Order of Things”.
In this story, the first character the reader is introduced to, is the protagonist Carl. He is “six feet tall, has pale eyes, angular features and light hair” (l. 4-5), and is a rather self-conscious person. His self-consciousness is revealed when he undresses in front of Lily. He also have difficulties bonding and being psychically close to another human, which could be because of these insecurities. “He had never – except for Lily – been comfortable with anyone” (l. 155). He even struggles being intimate with his own wife (l.44-45). Furthermore, Carl is a reverend and …show more content…

When he is with her, he has order in his life, his mind, and in his heart. The title could likewise refer to the order of what is important in life. This hint towards Saint Theresa’s sentence: “The important thing is not to think much, but to love much” (l. 164). Before he and Lily fell in love, this sentence meant nothing to him. He had grown up with his father’s life philosophy of never taking chances and preparing for the future. Lily had taught him the opposite and that is why he suddenly understands it: “He had read that in the seminary and not been struck by it. He had forgotten it. He had not understood it until now.” (l.

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