Negative Effects Of Romantic Relationships

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All Relationships has its ups and downs but different things can affect the amount and ups and downs a couple goes through. In order to keep a relationship strong it needs to have certain values which are very important. Many beliefs idealism relationships or give people expectations of how they are supposed to be.Then thee are the different types of media , media can affect relationships negatively or positively. Lastly all relationships need balance in order to get through things together.

Values thats romantic relationships should have is respect for each other, trust for one another which would avoid unnecessary fights, communication in order to have discussions about things that bother you without making it a big deal. Independence is …show more content…

Independence is not only important because of that but also because spending too much time with your partner may cause you to get tired of each other. Just like the saying you should always remember is “you need to love yourself before loving someone else” could refer to the value of self love , once you love yourself and still have space in your heart to love someone else then only can your relationship be strong. Jealousy is the main reason relationships have fights this is where the value loyalty comes in, if your partners needs to be assured that you are being loyal then let it be so, if they ask questions about it then just answer them appropriately. Romantic beliefs can affect a relationship positively or negatively. Some of the romantic relationship beliefs are then men should be the man of the house and dominant one which is not true.Usually young adults believe in love at first sight or that they are meant for each other. When parents get divorced this is when most often have a negative effect on young adults and children on how they view …show more content…

Print media engages with customers for advertisements for example adverts for clothing on T.V or advertisements on the radio for sports ,advertising can have a negative effect for example on valentines day the shops have sales and on T.V they promote the sales and gifts for your partner, single people do not have anybody to buy gifts and outfits for or receive from anyone making them feel even more lonely. Positive effect is that can make a relationship more interesting. Magazines are a type of media that can be printed or electronically published.Normally they are published on a regular basis for examples woman health, peoples magazines, vogue etc.many of these magazines give men and women an

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