The Role Of Media In The Feminist Movement

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The Role of Media in the feminist movement
The term media refers to several different types of methods used to communicate and educate society for a socially aware nation (Pradesh, 2014). It is regarded collectively as ‘mass media’, which includes broadcast media (television, cinema and radio), print media (newspapers, magazines, and journals) and Internet based-web sites (“Role of Media in Social Awareness”, 2013; Pradesh, 2014).
Through its different marketing segments, media is a fundamental source for information and idea exchanging. The constitution allows media its freedom of speech through which it exercises its viewpoints and global views and therefore plays a leading role in the Nations future (Pradesh, 2014).
Mainly through mass media, communication is carried out at large to scattered, heterogeneous and anonymous audiences (Pradesh, 2014). Thus, it is the communication through which our society can estimate the realities of life and gets a chance to focus on social matters and issues that can be discussed freely and openly (“Role of Media in Social Awareness”, 2013). Not only does communication play a significant role, but entertainment as well, consequently one being Cosmopolitan, as a national women’s magazine, plays a significant role in shaping the nations view and due to its origin, it display that of the American women.
Magazines play a great importance in media, and use a variety of categories to reach out to its readers, which are the following

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