Summary: The Feminist Movement

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One of the most well-known entertainers of the world, Beyoncé, is part of the best singers in the music industry. She is, somehow, considered to be a great example of the Feminist movements for showing off the talents of the femininity. The Feminist Movement started in the 1840’s, but it didn’t really expand until the 1960’s after Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique was published. In that book, Betty encourages women to change the way society view them as the ideal employment for them is to stay at home mom and wife voice their opinions and fight for equality of the sexes. Feminism, in fact, is groups that fight for women’s right and equality between the sexes. According to the article “Betty Friedan: Feminist Icon and Founder of the …show more content…

in 1967. Friedan died on her birthday in 2006.The mission continued and more females are joining Feminism to keep fighting for equality. Waves of feminism were formed to identify the purpose of each fight. First there was the First Wave of Feminism, which apply for women’s right to vote. The Second Wave of Feminism was around the 1960s throughout the 1980s establishing work for women and much liberations and a bit more equalization. The Third Wave of Feminism qualifies women to participate in the entertainment industry such as films and music, whether it’s an individual artist or group, which ever they desired. It allows women to personalize their songs’ lyrics also, expresses their personalities. Numerous of our celebrities in music today are taking part in feminism, fighting for what they were told that women do not have the rights to accomplish: The famous pop singer Beyoncé isn’t afraid to reveal her deepness, lady Gaga expresses herself through “Born This Way”, Ani DiFranco voices her feeling through writing; however, Katy Perry rejected the feminist

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