Miss Representation Essay

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Jennifer Newsom argues, successful business women are viewed as emotional, manipulative, and irrational. Her argument is substantiated by the laundry list of facts that are presented in the film Miss Representation. The film reveals the many circumstances that are a threat to women’s advancement in America. The film expressed the sorrow of our young teens; scared and teased for what they look like, and the sadness they have for being different from media ideals. Jennifer Newsom effectively convinces the audience of Miss Representation that the driving force for the suppression of women is due to media, myths, and objectification.
Media has a significant effect on our culture and the direction our society is headed in. Miss Representation shows that …show more content…

Woman are inaccurately thought of as being overly emotional, and irrational. The belief that their only value is superficial. “she is smart, for a woman”, “who is taking care of your children, if you are working?” These are the type of ignorant comments women have come to expect when striving to meet their individual goals. Rather than being praised for their ambitions, they are criticized. Furthermore, many Americans still believe woman should be responsible for all the cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and child care, according to a study by the American Sociological Association.
Objectification and over sexualization are other key contributors to the suppression of women's uprising. Nudity is natural, yet is grossly over sexualized in our society. In many European countries, nudity is normal and accepted, with nude beaches and parks. Full frontal nudity is not censored and airs at all hours on television. In the USA, being naked is taboo. In America, nudity and nakedness are always associated with sexuality, and considered “indecent exposure”. Perhaps if we desexualized nudity, it would help us to respect and value

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