Women's Roles In The 1930s Essay

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How are those of the female gender supposed to act? In the 1930’s women were frill members of society and their only purpose was reproducing and doing domestic or menial jobs. However, in modern times, women are independent and have significant roles in society. Although society’s view of this subject has changed drastically for the better, some matters don’t change. Women in the 1930’s were considered naturally weaker than men, squeamish, and unable to perform work requiring muscular or intellectual exertion. Proper etiquette was a necessity. Any other behaviour was looked down upon by society and considered scandalous. Women and young girls were not allowed to wear pants, go barefoot or half-dressed, curse, have close male friends, and fight. It was expected of them to dress up for dinner, go to church, and learn how to cook and clean properly. Once married, a woman was considered to be owned by her husband. For example, if a woman was raped by her husband it would not be considered rape since the husband has “ownership” over his wife’s body. In the 1930’s wifehood and motherhood were regarded as the most significant professions for women. It was …show more content…

Although we can technically act the way we want, women are still expected to be ladylike and feminine. In most cases, women are still considered to be weaker than men. Society still frowns at us at a few things. We are judged on how we present ourselves, what we wear, and our marital status. Women are still expected to get married and have kids. Another thing that has not changed is that the wage gap has not closed. Today, females are paid only eighty percent, on average, of what males are paid. This gap is worse for colored women. Even though this gap has decreased since the 1930’s, it is still not right. Today, sometimes women still get victim-blamed, slut-shamed, and even being accused that rape was their own

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