Examples Of Filial Piety In Mulan

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Disney's Mulan accurately portrays filial piety. Filial piety is focusing on respect for your family. It is shown throughout the whole movie. Mulan's family does not think that she shows enough respect for her family. Whenever the army comes to draft her father for the war, she tries to stop him. By her doing this, he claims that she had dishonored him. Mulan's father tells her that it would be an honor for him to be in this war. He would be protecting his country and his family's honor. In the beginning of the movie, Mulan is getting ready with the help of a few ladies. These ladies tell Mulan some of the things that they think she should have to bring honor to her family. They believe that she must be beautiful, have a tiny waist, and have nice hair to bring her family any honor. …show more content…

Once Shang found this out he made a shrine for his father. Mulan found a little girl´s doll in the remains of the town. She placed this with Shang´s father´s shrine. They made this shrine in respect for everybody that had lost their life in this war. After Mulan has killed Shan-yu, the only thing she wants to do is return home to her family. Once she gets to her house, she finds her father, and tells him what she had done She gave her father the sword of Shan-yu and the crest of the emperor. Her doing this is showing her father that she has a lot of respect for him. Family respect is very important in the Chinese culture. Throughout the movie Mulan, patriarchy is accurately portrayed. Patriarchy is the role of women in classical China. Women were treated a lot differently than men were. Men controlled everything that went on. They made all of the decisions, and women did not have a say over

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