Civil War Dbq

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The Civil War was many battles all together that caused extreme changes. The Battle of Gettysburg, for example, was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War with over 50,000 casualties. The Gettysburg Address was a speech said by Lincoln which stated the battle of Gettysburg and many things he wanted for the country. The Civil War was in the middle of when women didn’t have rights` in the country. Slavery was also the reason for the start of the Civil War . This also leads to showing how bad it was back in those days. The Civil War had many reasons why it began, how the times were back then, and how it ended. The Battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War for these reasons. One reason is that it lead to over 50,000 casualties on the battle. This can show why Lincoln wanted to honor those who fought and died. This also shows why he wanted everyone to hear what happened. Another example of why it was a horrible battle is because of what Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address,”We have come to dedicate a portion of that field…” (Gettysburg Address) This is a reason explaining that he wrote to make the field of battle be remembered. This is proof that he wanted to dedicate the battlefield for it to go down in history. Overall, the battle of Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle in the Civil War because of what Lincoln explained about the …show more content…

For instance, they weren’t allowed to vote or do any of the things that men could. This shows how bad the times were back in that time. This also relates to what Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address about how everyone should have equal rights. For instance in the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln says, “The proposition that all men are created equal…” This means that everyone had equal rights. This also means that Lincoln wanted women to have those rights too. Overall, Women didn’t have as many rights as men had and Lincoln wanted to change

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