American Women During World War 2 Essay

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American Women during World War 2 had many responsibilities at war, work, and home. But they did not have many equal rights compared to the rest of the society. The women’s rights and responsibilities topic is very interesting. One is understanding and knowing the history about the responsibilities women had to do and how hard working they were. This topic is very important because there was a big change in women’s rights and responsibilities during World War 2. Women’s responsibilities increased especially at work and war. Women, even today are discriminated because of their gender, so there is still no equality between both genders which should stop. Many women worked in the work force. According to an article, “For the first time, women …show more content…

In the article it says that women entered jobs like engineering, other professions, and manufacturing jobs that many people believed that those jobs were too dangerous for women and women were too weak. In their jobs, women made airplanes, warships, munitions, and tanks working in technical and scientific fields. Also, after the war, women were still employed as secretaries, waitresses, or in other clerical jobs. This was often called the “pink collar” force. This article shows how sometimes women are given clerical jobs that show people underestimate the abilities of women. But other jobs women are in prove they are not …show more content…

Women were subject to a wide-ranging discrimination that marked them as secondary citizens, which is what says. “She had no right to own property in her own name or to pursue career of her choice.” In addition, the article states, “Women could not vote, serve on juries, or hold public office.” Women didn’t have any rights that they wanted and were mostly not allowed to do anything which is unfair. A married woman had no separate legal identity from that of her husband. So therefore, the author of this article concludes that women did not have many strong rights as any free

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