Essay On Women's Rights In The 1930s

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Women’s rights and the way they live has changed greatly over the course of time. Back in the day, women did not have equal rights to men and they had to face many challenges in order to receive the jobs they wanted. Nowadays, women can get the same jobs as men and their power is much more appreciated. The 1930’s affected women in a positive way over time as they tried to work their way up in government positions, obtain more profitable jobs, and help provide for their families; but they still had a long ways to go getting equal rights to men. Women realized that they did not need men to be successful, therefore, they decided to become more self-reliant.Some women in the 1930s decided to stay single in hopes to become self- reliant (Working …show more content…

When women realized this, they decided to go on strike and hold posters up in the streets that showed what they believed in. Quality jobs were limited for women, but especially during the Great Depression (Lewis). Women had to work even harder in the Great Depression to get quality jobs because jobs were limited in the first place. Men took jobs because they needed the money which made it difficult for the women that wanted to work and become self-reliant. This left women with the jobs that didn’t provide acceptable workspace. They also were more willing to take the jobs that required long working hours and low pay because they needed an income to help provide for their families. The majority of women during the 1930s worked as nurses or schoolteachers (Lemon).These jobs were deemed as 2 of the best jobs a woman could have during the 1930s, which is why many women worked hard to get these jobs. There were numerous stereotypes of women in the 1930s, and working as a nurse or schoolteacher was one of them. That is why to this day many women are still nurses or school

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