Positive Impact Of The 1920s

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A Step Towards Today: The Positive Impact of the 1920s History is made up of the ups and downs of the past in which understanding certain events helps one realize what led up to make modern society. Canadian history will eternally be impacted in several ways by the 1920s also known as the Roaring 20s. The Twenties evidently had a positive impact on Canadian society serving the name “the roaring twenties” accordingly. The twenties roared for a variety of significant reasons including the development of women roles in society, the rebellious fashion sense including entertainment, and lastly the inventions that impacted the time period which exemplifies the positive effect for society. Women were not anywhere close to being equal to men like …show more content…

The fact that women had to have a case in order to be considered a person and that they lost in the federal government is absolutely absurd. After Emily Murphy became the first female judge, women wanted Murphy to become the Senate yet were rejected by prime minister Robert Borden due to the fact that she was not qualified in the way that one must be considered a person to become a senate. Hence the persons case was formed for justice of the women who were restricted by the old British definition of persons; “Women are considered persons in matters of pains and penalties, but are not persons in matters of rights and privileges”. The case went to supreme court and was rejected yet the dedicated females took the case to Privy Council in Britain where the judgment of the supreme court was opposed and it was ruled that the word persons includes females. The women of Canada were finally considered persons after 12 long but worthwhile years of battling with the law on October 18, 1929. During this decade women started to go beyond the job restrictions set by men. Women were expected to stay at home and tend to the children, clean the house, and cook for their family yet they soon …show more content…

Yet all the technological advances in the twenties impacted Canada in a large level. The radio became more widely used as a way to transfer information no matter if it was “ imported drama, comedy shows, music, sports broadcasts, as well as local news and weather”. The radio was enjoyed and well used at the time because of the improved technology and the multi-purposes it served at a non-expensive price while also bringing people together after going through isolation during war creating a communal country. Winter in Canada was often harsh due to the abundant amount of snowfall and ice. The piece of technology that aided Canadians in managing these conditions every year was the snowmobile invented by Joseph-Armand Bombardier. This vehicle was surprisingly the first invention designed in order to use on snow allowing it to be a very significant method of transportation for Canadians and not be restricted by snowfall.CITE Lastly another source of entertainment that was well known as the first sound movies also known as talkies in 1927. Movies were limited to only visual sight when first made but in the 1920s the sound movies were far more developed and amazing to witness. “Movies became a part of everybody's lives.” but not only as a source of entertainment but also a distraction that helped many people in the following years of the dirty thirties.These inventions

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