Ethos Pathos Logos In Miss Representation

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Women has greatly suffered in society from the beginning until now and no one seems to notice this prolonged issue that women have to endure in their daily lives. The media played a major role to how women are perceived in todays society. Nevertheless, in todays world more and more individuals are attempting to address the problem to solve this issue once and for all. Jennifer Newsom effectively convince her audience in an American documentary film: “Miss representation” to embellish the denigration of women in society and persuade the audience through the use of logos, pathos, and explicit visual images. Throughout the documentary, Newsom utilizes numerous sources such as different facts and statistics that strengthen her claim and appeal to logos for the under-representation of woman in todays society. Through the usage of her credible data that was transformed into valuable information makes the documentary more appealing to the audience. One of the statistics that she employs was: …show more content…

One of the interviewee, Ariella, a high school student expressed her emotion in the documentary: "We see so much in the media that there so much negativity towards woman and their weight and how they look and it just a representation of the pressure we feel to confirm to men's ideals. There this concept of the perfect woman who look this certain way and because if a woman doesn't like this way they are scrutinized." The interviewee truly expresses her emotion during the interview thus creates a strong emotional mood for the documentary. Also the fact that a high school student is fully aware of this issue will truly appeal to the audience. The viewers will highly sympathize each interviewee since this experience is from their own personal experience. The people that is being interviewed in the documentary have experienced some type conformity to the woman

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