Tyler Perry Why Did I Get Married Analysis

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Throughout history the portrayal of gender roles have been maintained by a specific standard, specifically where the man is the main figure, and the woman is the submissive figure that is being acted upon. However, lately, specifically the last ten or so years, many movies have shifted this ideology. These movies in modern times show increasingly more women in positions of power, as well as in marriages where there is an equal amount of power between both the husband and wife. There are also more movies showcasing non-traditional relationships, such as, domestic partnerships and LGBTQ+ relationships. One movie in particular that showcases a shift in the status quo, in terms of the masculinity and femininity expected from individuals especially that of a relationships, is Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? Before delving into why this movie goes against the status quo an a multitude of levels, I must first give some background to the movie. The movie centers around a friend group of four couples, each possessing their own unique traits, and facing their own individual personal and relationship problems. The group includes Diane and Terry, Angela and Marcus, Sheila and Mike, and Patricia and Gavin. For Diane and Terry, Diane is a lawyer, and Terry is a pediatrician. …show more content…

Each of these concepts are utilized at the advantage of men, and the disadvantage of women, and has shown to provide detrimental consequences and results for women in society. However, in this film, and other films by Tyler Perry, appear to take the added step to combat these aspects that are present in the media’s portrayal of women. While these are present in the movie, he often makes a point to combat it with an inverse portrayal of each

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