Secret Superstar Character Analysis

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In most parts of the world, females have always been the victim of oppressive patriarchy and male chauvinism since ages. This problem has been represented by many people through various forms of creations be it art, literature or films. Films are the most popular visual mediums of entertainment through which a large segment of people can be approached. Like literature, a film is also a work of art which mirrors the society, it also depicts the reality of the society though it has some fictionality in it. Being a visual medium of presentation, a film creates an instant, direct and more convincing impression on its audience fulfilling its dual purpose of entertaining as well as sensitizing the audience. A lot of movies based on social issues are now being made to create awareness among people about the issues besides entertaining the audience, which is perhaps the foremost purpose behind the making …show more content…

Domestic violence is one such important issue which has been taken as the main theme in many movies. Films are considered as cultural artefacts and therefore the directors find it the best medium of representing the social and cultural reality of the domestic life of women in most of the Indian households. Advait Chandan’s directorial debut, Hindi movie Secret Superstar is a realistic film which deals with the issues of domestic violence and oppressive patriarchy. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the movie Secret Superstar from a feminist angle and explore the subtle nuances of a woman’s life which is best represented in the film by the two major characters Insia and Najma. The former is forced always to abide by the rules and regulations of the patriarchal society and the latter who even performs her womanly duties faithfully is the victim of

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