Ideology In The Movie Crash

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Ideology The movie that I have chosen to analyze is the 2004 film Crash. This film emphasizes the intertwining cultures of today 's society and the conflicts faced from class, culture, stereotypes and racism. The explicit content of this film is to teach the audience that one person 's choices has an impact on another person or multiple people and to persuade the audience that we as a society need to change how we treat each other. The films overt message does generate social dialogue, however, this film can be interpreted by the audience through their own beliefs and behaviors causing some misinterpretation. In Crash, ideology is screaming that the audience needs to open their eyes to the harsh reality of today 's challenges and make a change. Crash begins and ends with the same car crash, however, what leads us to this crash is a few major collisions caused by actions or reactions between different people throughout the film. The first collision is found in the life of a African American detective, Graham, who says the first lines of the movie, "It 's the sense of touch. In any real city, you walk, you know? You brush past people, people bump into you. In L.A., …show more content…

The film, Crash, emphasizes the differences of cultures and classes. It focuses on the reality that we are all individuals and that adaptation of the human condition is hopeless. That the need to compete and the desire to win are more important than the justification for human decency. The tension of social and racial tension throughout this film I believe widens the chasm of discussion. I believe this because this film can be interpreted differently by individuals. What I mean is a African American may view this film as a means to diminish their culture, a white person may believe this film makes them look evil and a police officer may believe this film makes officers look like they are above the law or feel like they should be above the law. These differences can cause conflict when

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