Social Psychology In The Movie Crash

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There is a study in which analyzes the behavior and communication of a person when they come into contact or are acknowledge about some other person or group of people. Hence, this study is known as social psychology. Many aspects fall into this topic and those aspects are presented in the film Crash. Crash a film released in 2004, depicts many aspects that fall into the social psychology realm. Firstly, discrimination a significant part of social psychology is the biased view and/or treatment of a particular group of people or things. In the film, an example of discrimination is when a black waitress at a restaurant does not serve two black guys. She instead chooses to serve only the white people in the restaurant. This is a form of discrimination …show more content…

The bystander effect is defined as the effect in which one person feels unobligated to help a situation because there are other people around. An example of this is the movie is when the two black guys in the stolen vehicle hit a man and because the other is present they feel it is best for their sake to stand by and run away from the man they just hit. This behavior shown towards the man who was hit is discourteous and occurred because the two men did not feel inclined to help the man they hit because the other was present. Defensive attribution is the tendency to blame the victim for the crime and is another aspect of social psychology found in the film Crash. One example of this in the film is the same example as stated before; when the two black men hit the pedestrian with a vehicle they stole. This example represents defensive attribution because the two men blame the accident on the man crossing the street and not themselves; who in fact were clearly at …show more content…

This type of social psychology occurs in the film when two black men are faced with a unit of cops with guns pointed at them. This is an example of cognitive dissonance because the because in a tense face-off between the cops and two men the cops try to reduce the tension of the situation by lowering their guns. This also shows psychological tension because the black husband is at risk of being shot by a white cop. Though the situation diffuses and the tension is reduced because of the actions of the cops. Many instances of social psychology such as stereotyping and defensive attribution are found in the film Crash. To reiterate social psychology is the study of how someone's perspective and feelings towards something affect their behavior and treatment of that person or thing. It is what shapes our lives and how society interacts and goes on about life with each other. Lastly, the movie depicts and focuses on the negative aspects of social psychology making an exaggeration of what society is really like; though society is much less than that it is still not

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