Examples Of Racism In The Movie Crash

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Crash is a movie released in 2004. The movie deals with racial stereotyping and different incidents with different people. In the plot there is a black detective that is estranged from his mother and has a brother that is a criminal that also has a side kick that he works with. A white couple, the father is an attorney and the wife has a tendency to stereotype people. Two police officers and one of them is a racist and harassed an African American couple, that are in the show business. A Hispanic man that works as a locksmith and tries to take care of his daughter and wife, and a Persian family man that is discriminated by an American in a shop and mistaking him from an Arabic man. Some of these people come in contact with each other in some way or another, in a negative situation that deals with racial stereotyping of each other and prejudices. (“Crash (2004 film),” 2015) The Hispanic man takes a distance from the stereotype that Hispanic men are gang members and criminals and does not want to be affiliated with that, he works as a locksmith to support his family. This stereotype was shown as an example when he was working for a white woman, as she loudly expresses her concern that he was going to steal they keys and give it to other gang members so they break in because of his background and his appearance. He was upset by this saying and places the keys back right in front of her to show her that he was the opposite. He cares greatly for his family, and seems to have a

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