Examples Of Racism In Finding Forrester

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Finding Forrester is a movie directed by Gus van Sant and produced by Sean Connery in the year 2000. The movie is about an old man who is lonely writer and a young boy (Jamal) whose main passions are writing and literature. Jamal met William Forrester and they little by little became friends. At the same time, Jamal is helping Forrester to face his internal fighting while Forrester helps Jamal to become an excellent writer. The plot develops some topics such as racism, solitude, friendship, etc. One of the biggest issues that called my attention is the presence of racism in the movie. Even though that presence did not surprise me, it was for me very obvious and very representative of the “American” society. For that reason, I am going to comment about the appearance of racism in the movie Finding Forrester. The first scene that really called my attention is the one in which a white man appears with his BMW and prejudices Jamal and black people in general. The man thinks that Jamal do not know about that brand of car, but Jamal actually know something interesting about the history of it. This particular scene shows one of the stereotypes that people in the United States and in almost all over the world have about people of colour. It seems that some people do not expect blacks or young blacks to be sophisticated. I do not think I can judge and in the same way I do not think people can generalize. That is why I consider this scene a strong

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