Comparison Between White Privilege In Crash And 7 Seconds In The Bronx

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White privilege negatively impacts social justice which can lead to irreversible actions. Hillary Clinton once said, “If a country doesn't recognize minority rights and human rights, including women's rights, you will not have the kind of stability and prosperity that is possible.” We are all equals, whether we are woman, have a disability or are coloured. We all deserve the same rights. Without social injustice, life would be made fair. When examining “Crash” and “7 Seconds in the Bronx” we observe the injustice the injustice individuals face resulting in unforgivable offenses. When examining both stories it becomes apparent that between stereotypes, authoritative discrimination, and economic hierarchy, it is tough to be of a minority background.

Stereotypes are an unfair representation that has been developed about a person or a race. In “Crash” we see the struggle of being a minority. We see this in the beginning of the story when Anthony and Peter, both young adults of colour, could see Jean clenched onto her husband and purse when passing them in the streets as she pre disclosed the assumption they …show more content…

He had done nothing to make them believe these assumptions they had already made before knowing what was truely going on. Immediately the authorities tried to arrest Diallo, however because of Diallo’s language barrier he didn't understand what was going. He reached into his pocket for hsi wallet but the cops assumed because of these descriptions they had already portrayed him to be, that he was reaching for a gun. Diallo was shot at 41 times and killed. In “Crash” there was a similar occurrence. Peter was riding in Officer Tommy Hanson’s car as friends, when they got into a small argument. Tommy assumed because he was black that Peter was reaching for a gun. Comparatively to Diallo’s injustice, the officer was remorseful and Peter's Death was from one shot once in the

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