Analysis Of Dr. Beverly Tatum's Poem

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The major thesis in this book, are broken down into two components. The first is how we define racism, and the impact that definition has on how we see and understand racism. Dr. Beverly Tatum chooses to use the definition given by “David Wellman that defines racism as a system of advantages based on race” (1470). This definition of racism helps to establish Dr. Tatum’s theories of racial injustice and the advantages either willingly or unwillingly that white privilege plays in our society today. The second major thesis in this book is the significant role that a racial identity has in our society. How we see others have an impact on how we create laws and access to quality education, financial and social resources. Furthermore, how we see ourselves is a determining factor in our individual success in those areas. Dr. Tatum provides the reader with non-objective information that supports her thesis, while also providing information that contradicts or expresses a different point of view from her thesis. The definition she uses to define racism is supported by facts and other reliable sources. Nevertheless, she does not ask the reader to blindly follow or believe the information she is providing without giving historical and current facts to support her thesis. Furthermore, her major thesis is racial identity and she supports this thesis by covering; how we develop racial identity, the differing experiences between light and dark skin people of color, and the

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