The Use Of Patricia Collins: The Oppression Of Women

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Patricia Collins tries to expose her readers to the term oppression and the different types of oppression that human beings can be subjected to or rather the different disparities that cause human oppression including gender and race among others. Collins (74) in her attempt to expound on the issue of oppression and dichotomous thinking argues that "one side of the dichotomy is typically labeled dominant and the other subordinate" which forms the basis of the definition of the term as being a way of thinking in which an individual is convinced that they are subject to being the dominant or the subordinate on the basis of different issues including race where the white male perceives himself as the dominant while the black male becomes the subordinate.The issue of "either/or" alludes to the notion that as human beings we can either fall into one category or the opposite category.…show more content…
Her focus is wholly on the issue of gender but both writers accentuate the idea of the existence of a dominant and subordinate party through the social construction of what can be termed as being superior or inferior. Judith Lorber exemplifies her arguments through the use of Saudi Arabia where the women are forced to hide under veils because the men think of them as being the weaker party (Lorber 74). Lorber’s version of oppression, although specific to gender, supports Collins view that “the both/and position of simultaneously being oppressed and oppressor becomes conceptually impossible" (Lorber 73) as women are the oppressed while the men are the oppressors and not once do the roles
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