Benefits Of Stereotyping

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Is stereotyping a good idea or a bad idea in the eyes of the American people? Most American people would answer that question by saying it is a bad idea. But some people would argue that it is a good idea and has benefits. In this debate stereotyping has two sides to argue and that is whether it has benefits or has no benefits to the American people. Stereotyping has benefits such as, people can use it to identify people as people, people can use these as an example to learn from, and they can be used as a way to respond to certain situations. Debating that stereotypes are a good idea is tough but, it is useful in identifying people. One might ask what is a stereotype and how can it be useful in identifying people. Stereotypes can be seen …show more content…

So someone who meets an unstable person, who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder they will be able to avoid a bad situation. According to Robert Dipboye and Adrienne Colella who are professors of psychology at the university of Florida and Tulane University, “Rather than representing an overall orientation toward a group, a stereotype represents a particular constellation of traits and roles associated with a group.”(Dipboye and Colella 13). The author talks about how a stereotype is just a specific traits toward a group. These traits can be made more specific and be applied to all of the people within the group. So these people can use this to be identified as an individual not just a group. Just as someone would call a Jewish male people don’t want to be known as a Jew. They want to be known as a person who is Jewish not a …show more content…

Stereotypes can help people out in many different ways such as helping people be seen as not just a category. It can make people be seen as not a man or woman but a man or woman who has done things. These stereotypes can be seen also as a way to encourage a higher standard of people. The people can learn from these stereotypes and turn them to the opposite of what the stereotypes says. At the same time stereotypes can be used to help people respond to different situations. Just like people learn to make a lower standard into a higher standard these people can learn from the stereotypes. So by looking at all these categories and using those to the advantage of the people then the American people can use this to their advantage. But this is all dependent on the people of America and possibly all of the

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