Stereotypes In The House On Mango Street

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Stereotypes are simple images or beliefs over the attributes assigned to a particular social group, are models of behavior that become schemes deeply rooted in our mentalities to the point that we adopt them as part of human naturalness. Stereotypes can be racial, religious, sexual and social. These could be the caused of a known incident or attitude years earlier, or simply the result of frequent rumors. Stereotypes can affect different spheres of society. These assumptions can filter into many aspects of life. For example, a company may refuse to hire someone for a job, because of the basis of stereotypes. As a result, a particular person might avoid a part of the city associated with a certain ethnic group. Due to the stereotypes associated …show more content…

Many who get carried away by stereotypes about this group will say that they are dangerous or do not have a good education. For example, women should stay at home doing the housekeeping while the men work. But, this is not far from reality. Many of the women are affected because of the men in this group, they feel superior towards women. These women feel that they can be doing something better in their life, but there is someone who holds them back. Such as Alicia, one of the characters from the novel The house on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. She is a young girl who feels suppressed by her father. The father gives her a hard time while she wants to study. She has to cook and clean for him. But other characteristic that affect this group is their appearance. Esperanza the protagonist of the novel. In the neighborhood where she lives, many people that does not know the place are afraid to get there. The fact that they would think it is a neighborhood full of criminals. "They think we are dangerous. They think they will attack them with shiny knives. They are stupid people who are lost and got here by mistake" (Cisneros 21). Due this disturbances, the Chicanos will be frowned upon and will have difficulty finding jobs or being well received by another group of

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