Mexican Stereotypes Essay

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A stereotype is a fixed set of beliefs upon of a certain group of individuals who share common traits. Stereotypes can be classified into a wide range of categories such as: race, culture, ethnicity, gender, social or economic status, and religion. A stereotype has to do with a group of people rather than an individual. Most stereotypes are biased and untrue. Stereotypes often lead to prejudice, meaning that one acts a certain way due to the fixed beliefs they have toward a certain group of individuals. Although stereotypes often have a negative connotation, psychology says that we need to put people into these groups in order for our brains not to overload on information. I was recently insulted by a woman who made a very rude stereotype about Mexicans. It has definitely impacted my life and the way I view and act towards others. I am Mexican. I …show more content…

We generally think that everyone who looks the same, is the same. These biased thoughts about strangers get us to act prejudice against people we know nothing about. In my example, I unintentionally stereotyped a customer which led her to stereotype me. Everything seemed so natural at the time, which is what always tends to happen. We don’t realize that we stereotype others based on their physical appearances and we act very racial towards others, it just comes natural. I believe that humans should take the time to reevaluate their actions when it comes to racial thoughts and prejudice attitudes. Everybody is different. Not everyone has the same beliefs and morals therefore everyone will behave differently. Stereotypes often lead to negative actions, but we have no control. We need to categorize these people into groups in order for our brains to not overload with information. Stereotyping is not bad, prejudice actions are. We need to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that everyone is

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