Hispanic American Stereotypes

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Stereotypical images have for long existed. Stereotypes are images or ideas about certain groups of people or things that in most cases are not true. Hispanic Americans are one of the many groups that are targeted the most with stereotypes. Hispanics are said to be drug dealers. Many Americans claim that Hispanics come to this country to sale drugs and as a result of this the country becomes in danger. However, the majority of Hispanics who come to this country come to live the American dream. Hispanics come in search of jobs to support their families back in their native countries. Another stereotype that is always said about Hispanics is that they are automatically wet backs. Just because someone looks Hispanic does not automatically make…show more content…
Like for example people always refer to them as hard workers. This is very true mostly every single Hispanic that gets the opportunity to arrive in this beautiful country comes for one purpose and that is to obtain a job. Hispanics take the hardest working jobs that Americans won’t do. Latinos also take the lowest paying jobs. They are willing to take any job as hard as it is to help their families. Hispanics are also very family oriented. Latinos tend to stay near their families and always support them. Hispanics are also very religious and expect their families to be the same way. Latinos are also said to have too many children this is also true. However, in modern society Hispanics are having less and less children this is due to the growing number of Latinos attending colleges. There is one more stereotype that American in particular claim Hispanics are doing. They say that Hispanics are taking over everything in the United States. This is somewhat true there are more and more Hispanics immigrating to this country and more of them are attending colleges and getting better paying jobs that just make Latinos stand up in this country and this is something Americans are getting worried…show more content…
Black Americans are said to be very loud in public places. They are also targeted for being disrespectful, but in many cases they are very religious and friendly and always welcome you into their churches and homes like if you were part of their families. Black Americans are also stereotype with the claim that they eat too much chicken and drink too much Kool aid. One stereotype that is very true about Black Americans is that they are very athletic. A good number of Black Americans are basketball players. They are also great track runners and swimmers. They are also great at playing tennis. They have proven to be very strong athletics. Stereotyping other groups that are not our group can have an effect in society. Everyone is different and we all think differently this is why some people may take stereotypes differently. Some people may take them as joke and others may look at it in a disrespectful way. There has been cases in which some groups are looked at differently because of the stereotypes. These groups tend to be very calm and try to stay away from other groups. There are other races that have actually fought with others because of this nonsense stereotypes. American society needs to change the way they see people and their race differently. These stereotypes have been going on in America for many years and it looks like they will never disappear unless we work together to have a better America.
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