Latino Stereotypes Essay

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Every individual has their own perspective in a Latino due to how they are viewed by others. Most stereotypes come from social media and largely by the famous latinos which has a big impact on how various mistake the overall view of Latinos. Plenty of Latinos are American citizens who actually become successful. All Latinos are different in many ways for example, not all look alike, some do not even speak spanish, many are accused of selling drugs, and Latinos do not always party every weekend. Latinos are mistaken to have dark brown hair and eyes as well as tan or olive skin. In reality latinos come in every color some may have more of their genetics from their mom or dad's side who is not a Latino. Some look like white americans others look african american a few may even look chinese. There is no exact image of a Latino nobody can actually know who is a Latino and who is not. Latinos can be from all parts from Mexico which can be quite annoying to a Latino when they are told they do not look like one but they understand many have an image in there head of what they think a Latino looks like. In the story The Myth of …show more content…

People should not judge one another and feel so surprised if they see a individual who does not look anything like a Latino and should not criticizes that person. There are wide, diverse experiences in competition with the stereotypical images. So people are constantly judged by these images. Every Latino is unique in their own way and should not have to explain to a person why they do not look like a Latino because may come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Society should realize that not every race will look identical because of the parents genetics which can have a big changes in how the Latino may look. No one should be stereotyped with just their appearances or how they may speak and are judged by

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