Stereotypes Of Latinos Essay

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Many latinos in the United States live in urban neighbourhoods that are unsafe. In these neighbourhoods, latino youth are surrounded by gang members and poverty. Many of these adolescents or adults have said they fear walking in these streets at night. Yet, Latinos in general are said to be gang affiliated or are seen as the victimizers.

2. Latino people often have high arrest rates.This is an issue because Latinos account for an excessive amount of all felony and misdemeanor arrests. To explain, Latinos are much more likely than White Americans to get arrested.Latinos account for almost half (46 percent) of all documented gang members in the United States.The issue here is that despite the high numbers of documented Latino gang members, only 3 percent of young Latinos aged sixteen to twenty-five report that they are now or have ever been in a gang. …show more content…

To begin, much of the Latino population in the United States are either in jail or living in unsafe neighborhoods. With the stereotypes given to minorities by those in an American society; minorities are likelier to be looked at suspiciously. Minorities are labeled, and in the case of Latinos they are often stopped and frisked unfairly. Police who feel the need to stop a hispanic person in their own neighborhood just help enforce these stereotypes. With this said, it is no question as to why: white Latino men are much more likely than White men, but only half as likely as Black men, to serve time in prison. Latino boys also face high levels of incarceration, particularly in states with large Latino populations and why California and Texas alone imprison the majority of incarcerated Latino youth in the United States. By putting a stop to the mis labeling of Latinos in our country; there wouldn’t be such a heavy imbalance among different races and their incarnation rates. Our society and criminal justice system would function better as

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