Latino Stereotypes In Los Vendidos

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Los Vendidos is a drama written by Luis Valdez in the 1960’s. Valdez attempted to highlight Latino stereotypes and their effects on society and on those stereotyped. The play examines stereotypes of Latinos in California and how they are treated by local, state, and federal governments. The short play is set in Honest Sancho's Used Mexican Lot that apparently sells various "models" (robots) of stereotypical Mexicans and Mexican-Americans that buyers can manipulate by simply snapping their fingers and calling out commands. The action of the play revolves around "The Secretary," a character by the name of Miss Jimenez, who converses with Honest Sancho, the owner of the store. Sancho says her name with Spanish pronunciation hee-men-ess, She corrects him by saying her name is pronounces JIM-enez. Miss …show more content…

Second, they examine the "Johnny Pachuco," a Chicano gang member model who is violent, profane, and drug-abusing, good for the city life, and perfect to brutalize. Third, when Miss Jimenez asks for a more romantic model, they come to the “Revolucionario”, however, she denies him when she learns that he is completely Mexican and not even American-made. Finally, they come to the most contemporary Mexican-American model, named "Eric Garcia". A well dressed and exciting public speaker who is educated, ambitious, bilingual, and polite. Miss Jimenez agrees to buy Eric for $15,000. As soon as she pays for him he suddenly he begins staging a vocal protest in Spanish: "¡Viva la raza! ¡Viva la huelga! ¡Viva la revolución!" Miss Jimenez is upset and claims he is broken and storms out of the lot. The four models converse among each other, revealing that they in fact are not robots, but rather, living human beings. They distribute the money equally amongst each other and leave, carrying the limp form of Sancho the salesman who needs an "oil job", it is Sancho who is the

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