In The Heights By Lin Manuel Mirand Play Analysis

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In the Heights a play full enthusiasm and full of energy, it won many awards including a Tony award it was produced and directed by Lin Manuel Miranda. It was performed in Irvington Town hall Theatre on August 15 ,2014. It is a musical that carries a lot of messages, that brings connection to many people about wanting to experience something new and wanting to find home. Usnavi a man who live and own a Bodega in Washington Heights want to connect to his root in the Dominican Republic by going back since he hasn 't gone in a long time. Usnavi is in love with Vanessa a woman that works in a salon close to his bodega, just like Usnavi, Vanessa want to go find her identity by moving out of the height. They both want to experience new thing and …show more content…

He was considered part of the group of being latino because he grew up around latino and learn the customs and culture they considered him family and also latino. This play was great it had many events that I could connect to my life. Lin Manuel Miranda really capture latinidad in his play In the Heights and what latinos in general go through of finding home, were they really belong not knowing that home was right in front of them. It also show the struggles that many latinos go through when arriving to this country or when not having enough to continue an education but the family make sacrifices that could later pay of in life. It also show how your neighbor can become your family and how everyone know each other and it a community that go through struggle but in the end they all have each other. Usnavi had abuela Claudia she wasn’t really his abuela but he grew up calling her like that. It just became like she was really his abuela, when she dies and Usnavi saw her mural in front of the bodega he realized that the people around him were his family and that he was already home. He realized he didn’t have to go live in the Dominican Republic

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