Puerto Rican Immigrants

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Lesson 9
1. Puerto Ricans immigrants are often portrayed as poor, lazy and scandalous individuals by Anglo Americans. At times, Puerto Ricans are not allowed to live up to their fullest potential because they are already labeled as impoverished people; stereotypes do not let Puerto Ricans rise to their fullest abilities because they often feel trapped by the welfare rumors. Thus, whenever the dominant white people think of the minorities they will always see the negative side of their labels as opposed to what they are fully capable of.
2. In the past, Puerto Ricans were not offered the same housing opportunities as their white neighbors because they did not meet the racial criteria. The minorities were often discriminated against from buying homes, which caused them to rent in central cities that are distant from their White neighbors. At times, Puerto Ricans …show more content…

Puerto Ricans have learned to cope with the hardships that arrive with discrimination by voicing their opinions out to others. They have proclaimed that they cannot fully assimilate into the Anglo culture because they want to remain loyal to their native soil. Thus, many have taken the time to cut all ties that connect them to the dominant white culture in order to fully devote their time to creating organizations that support all of their ideals. Puerto Ricans believe that they should have a strong bilingual community that will help their children learn to embrace the same cultural ideals that they have in mind.
9. Cuban migrations have begun due to the communist dictatorships in Cuba. Dictators similar to Fidel Castro have led many Cubans to flee because they can no longer stand the poverty their country has in store for them. Cubans arrive at the USA because they know that they will have a better chance at having a productive future, than if they would stay in their country. Thus, they come to seek better job opportunities because they are not provided within their homelands communist

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